Civil Litigation

Our firm is among the very best in Atlanta for complex civil litigation. We have a reputation of excellence among clients and colleagues alike and we deliver successful results without compromising integrity.

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Civil litigation arises out of disputes between individuals and/or corporations. Often, a person or business claims they have been wronged or injured by another. If the two sides can’t agree on a resolution, the law provides a process for bringing the opposing claims and arguments in front of a judge or jury for settlement. An individual or business may also be subject to a suit brought by a governmental agency. In these cases, it’s critical that your civil attorney understand the intricacies of the laws rules of civil proceedings.

Whether you’re subject to a suit or attempting to get a resolution in state court or federal court, the Law Office of Vanessa Kosky, P.C. can assist you.

The Law Office of Vanessa Kosky handles a variety cases involving:

Alternate Dispute Resolution 90%
Breach of Contract 75%
Business Formation 25%
Business Law 80%
Commercial Litigation 35%
Business Law 80%
Contracts 95%

Business or Individual

Whether aimed at your business or you as an individual, litigation can have a dramatic impact as it consumes time, efforts and money. The civil litigators at the Law Office of Vanessa Kosky, P.C. are experienced in getting to the heart of a dispute and crafting a negotiating strategy that can resolve the issues before going to trial.